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3 Intriguing Myths about Palliative Care

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What do you know about palliative care? Perhaps you have heard of this before but you are not yet quite sure about it yet. Many people have been talking about palliative care but it seems like they have gotten the wrong idea about it.

We want to help you understand better the nature of palliative care and how it is beneficial to the patient. Today, we will debunk three of the most common myths about it:

Myth 1: Palliative Care is for the Dying

One of the most widely misunderstood concepts of palliative care is that it’s only needed when the patient is at the end of his life. Because palliative care needs a team of medical professionals starting from nurses, doctors, and specialist, people think that it is only important to people who are dying.

Fact: What the team of experts does during palliative care is that they provide quality health care and medication ensuring that the patient will severe illness will not feel any pain and discomfort. Not only to provide temporary pain relief to the patient but also to help the patient overcome depression caused by their illness. The ultimate goal of palliative care then is to provide a quality life for the patients until the end of their lives and also to the family.

Myth 2: You cannot receive palliative care at home

Another common myth is that palliative care is only limited to the hospital. Considering that the patients the medical specialists are dealing with are those who are suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, they must be confined in the hospital because all the equipment are there.

Fact: There are health care providers who can cater patients who want to receive palliative care at home. In fact, our home health services in Bolingbrook, IL, the reliable UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC, provides home care and palliative services in the comforts of the patient’s house. Because this requires long-term care, our health care professionals are very much willing to adjust to the patient’s needs.

Myth 3: Palliative care can cause addiction

Because palliative care means helping the patient feel less pain despite heavy medication, it is a common misconception that with all the drugs injected to the patient it will eventually lead to addiction. Moreover, because there is the use of morphine to relieve the pain, especially to those who do not respond to pain relievers anymore, it is becoming the lead culprit of addiction to senior patients.

Fact: There is no such thing as addiction in palliative care. Patients will only receive drug medications if recommended by their doctor. Moreover, most healthcare providers who cater palliative care will have to create a care plan in which their method of care will highly depend on. They cannot just administer medications without any medical basis.

Indeed, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to palliative care. If you think that your sick loved one needs professional medical attention, do not hesitate to give it to them. Moreover, do not sacrifice quality medication for convenience. Get the best specialists in town and give your loved ones the appropriate care they deserve.

For your palliative care needs and queries, ask us at UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC. You can contact us through our website or call us at 630-225-7234 for consultation.

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