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Diabetes: It Isn’t So Sweet

Diabetes is considered to be one of the deadliest illnesses of this generation. As of date, diabetes takes more lives than AIDS and breast cancer. Diabetes can strike anyone, anytime. It does not discriminate between people from different walks of life. It causes major disruptions in a person’s life as it has become the leading cause of blindness, renal failure, limb amputations, stroke and heart failure.

Diabetes affects the patient physically and emotionally. Diabetes can also take its toll on the family because managing it can be very costly if you are not fairly familiar with the issues that it brings. Most families resort to the help from home health services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL to ensure that your family member will receive top-tier care. Providers like UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC have skilled nurses in our roster who are properly trained to handle patients with Diabetes.

Here are tips you can consider when caring for people in the family with Diabetes:
The most important part of the routine of a diabetes patient is the regular monitoring of blood glucose. This is one of the very first things we teach our skilled nurses at UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC. Because this condition can be quite volatile, it is important that the patient has a daily log of the blood glucose levels. This will help your physicians provide the appropriate medication and treatment for your condition.

  • Meals should be planned accordingly. For patients with extremely high blood glucose levels, every carb counts. That is why most patients require the help of nutritionists to determine a weekly meal plan. This is to ensure that all food and beverage intake is accurately calculated.

  • Always involve some form of exercise in your daily routine. This will help you lower high blood sugar levels. You really do not have to go to the gym. You can go for brisk walks in the morning or just move a lot during the day so that you can burn unnecessary calories and help control your blood glucose.

  • Maintain close communication with your Diabetes Care Team. This includes your family physician and your home health care provider, if you have any. Whenever issues arise, having them on contact will make it easier for you to determine the appropriate course of action to take. Find home health services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL that are easily available when you need them.

Just like any chronic illness, it is important that you stay on top of this condition to ensure comfort for the ones you love. Partner with the best provider of home health services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL. Partner with UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC.

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