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Eight Awesome Tricks to Invite Positive Energy into the House of a Senior or Ill Patient

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Sometimes, home care includes tough situations and sadness, that’s why caregivers of an ill or senior person must be willing to take the extra miles to maximize positivity in any situation. Luckily, there are a lot of steps caregivers and patients can take in order to bring positive energy into the house. Aside from its contribution to the patient’s overall well-being and health, a more positive, cleaner and brighter house benefits caregivers and patients. Below are some helpful ways to make this possible.

Declutter the House

Clutter results in stress which destroys positive energy. Besides being undesirable to live with, clutter can usually be risky in a home care setting. It is important to declutter all areas in the house to provide more space. Also, this is the right way to get rid of anything you no longer need.

Take Advantage of Sunlight

Natural sunlight stimulates vitamin D production which helps in elevating mood and making people happier. Also, ample access to sunlight can help reduce depressive symptoms and uplift aging, ill or lonely patients. To welcome natural light into the house, draw curtains back and open blinds. Removing obstructions and cleaning glass windows can help in making a room feel more positive and brighter.

Even decluttering a bedroom or kitchen drawer can greatly impact a room’s positive ambiance. Ensure that things commonly used like night stands, kitchen counters, kitchen tables and coffee tables stay clean and clutter-free. Consider replacing the clutter with precious family pictures or a jar of flowers.

Have Flowers or House Plants in the House

Incorporating plants into a house provide plenty of benefits. Apart from improving air quality, beautifying an area, fresh-cut flowers and living houseplants can enhance the mental and emotional stress of seniors or ill patients.

You can have plants such as ferns or succulents and arrange them around your house in high-traffic areas and sunny windows. If you want to add more beauty to it, choose flower plants such as orchids or lilies. Flowering plants provide caregivers and patients a refreshing feeling.

Consider a New Paint

While some home care settings are unlikely to permit this, brightening up the room is an awesome way to make it feel bright, fresh and clean. Choose a color the patient loves and paint while he is away. If the painting is done, think about having a mini welcome party. Although simple, painting can significantly impact a space’s positivity by covering wall blemishes and giving a room some life.

Decorate with Artwork

If you want to invite positive energy into your house, don’t forget to hang significant artwork on the walls. Hang your favorite artwork in areas people in the house usually, gather in. Also, consider putting drawings or cards done by children, grandchildren or friends in a location people can easily see such as in frames on the bedrooms or living rooms. This offers a constant reminder of light, happiness, and love and makes space feel positive.

Use the Power of Scent

A lot of studies show that aromatherapy can contribute to a person’s happiness. If you want to invite positive energy into a room instantly, choose an upbeat essential oil such as tangerine, rosemary or lavender and put a few drops of this into a diffuser.

Know that Color Works Wonders Too

Think about adding a pop of color to a space to make it livelier and feel brighter. Drape a stunning quilt over the bed and put some bright throw pillows on the couch to boost the energy in that space. Studies have claimed that color influence mood and colors such as red, yellow and green can positively affect energy and happiness.

Work on Lighting

A dark and poorly-lit room feels depressing and close. Ensure a room is well-lit even if it doesn’t get enough natural light. Turn on overhead lights and lamps at the right times of the day to give that space a cleaner and brighter look and feel.

UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC, a reputable provider of home health services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL, suggests these eight awesome tricks in fostering a positive energy in the house of a senior or ill patient. In doing so, this will aid in the fast recovery of the patient or provide a refreshing feeling to the elderly. For more health tips and other information about health concerns, you may visit http://www.uccares.com.

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