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How to take care of premature babies

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There are instances wherein mothers give birth to their babies at an earlier month. And these babies who are born earlier than expected are called “premature” babies. Premature babies are very delicate and they need to be taken care of consistently. What are you going to do when the premature baby is finally at home? Here are some helpful tips and facts for you to get by.


It is best to keep track of the room temperature in your house. You don’t need to make the room too cold or warm. You just need to have a moderate temperature, enough to keep you and the baby comfortable. If your room temperature is high, this might present risks since high temperatures are linked with cot death or sudden infant death syndrome. You can wrap the baby in blankets, sleep suits or a sleeping bag for infants. But make sure that when you wrap the baby up, you shouldn’t make his/her body too tight enough for moving. Adjust how you wrap the baby with regards to the temperature. Keep the room ideally at 18° C or 64°F.


Some premature babies are placed inside incubators in the hospital to ensure that he/she can continue growing or developing as they are much smaller than the normal babies. Some parents even place special lights in their baby’s room to ensure their development. With regards to this, you should consult your doctor first if your baby still needs to have special lighting in his/her room.


Washing your baby depends on how premature he/she is. Using plain, lukewarm water is okay for most babies, whether premature or not. Don’t use any moisturizing or skin care products on the baby first. You have to consult your doctor about the shampoo or soap that is recommended for premature babies. Keep a towel close always. And when he/she is finished, you need to wrap the towel around the baby immediately to prevent him/her from feeling cold.

Sometimes, when taking care of premature babies, you might need assistance. With UC-Cares Home Health Services, you can get pediatric care in your home, especially for those babies who need to develop fully. UC-Cares Home Health Services offers a variety of home health services here at Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL. Our clients are our number one priority. Contact us today at 630-225-7234 to know more about our services and rates!

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