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Strange Baby Facts You Need to Know

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People are weird but do you know who else is weirder? It is the miniature version of human beings: their offspring. Because we provide baby care in our Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL, we would like to share with you some facts that you will indubitably find creepy:

1. Babies grow mustaches inside a mother’s womb and they eat it.

This happens between the first 4 months of pregnancy. Babies grow hair that will spread eventually to cover their whole bodies then it falls out and is then eaten by the baby. It is digested and becomes the baby’s first poop.

2. Babies double their weight during the first five months of their lives.

What is your weight? Now multiply that number in the scales by 2. You do not want that to happen in your life, do you? But you have done it in your first five months in this world because you were once a milk monster and did nothing but sleep, eat and poop!

3. Babies’ taste buds are located everywhere inside their mouth.

These locations include the sides, the roof and even the back of your mouth. And yes, it is also in their tongue.

4. Babies are like females.

They have periods, grow boobs and even lactate! This is because the baby inherits and is born with their mother’s estrogen. Of course, these bizarre phenomena only happen when the baby is inside their mother’s womb.

5. Babies’ eye size does not change much as they grow old.

The growth of the eyes of the baby is not that spectacular. They only grow 25% of it. It just means that their eyeballs are way bigger than their head. Isn’t it extremely creepy? Yes, we know. We make baby care in our Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL available, you know.

6. Babies born in the month of May are heavier.

Babies in the month of May are 200 grams on average. Why does this occur? No one really knows.

7. Babies prefer female voices.

Sorry, to the male populace out there. But yeah, babies are extreme feminists.

8. Babies sleep with open eyes.

If you have noticed that your baby is finally asleep but their eyes stay open and move around in their sockets, it is just normal and does not mean they are possessed.

9. Baby boys can have an erection inside and even when they come out of their mom’s womb.

So chances are if you know a friend who is pregnant with a baby boy inside of her, that baby probably has a boner by now.

10. Babies do not have a bony kneecap.

The real knee cap does not develop until the baby’s few years into life. What do you feel about that?

Even if babies are creepy and weird, they are still so cute and good to cuddle with. But so that you can cuddle your baby until they are adults, submit them to our quality Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL.

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