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Getting All the Help You Need with In-home Pediatric Nursing

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Being a new mom can be delighting yet intimidating at the same time. These emotions are doubled when your newborn comes home for the first time from the NICU. Aside from the usual adjustments of having a new baby, you might need to bring home medical equipment necessary for the monitoring and sustenance of your baby. UC Cares Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL offers in-home pediatric services for such cases. Our skilled nurses from our home health services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL are more than skilled and competent to handle such delicate cases. You shouldn’t be disheartened or shameful of having to need skilled nursing assistance. These situations can become overwhelming and our staff and nurses are more than willing to assist every new parent.
Pediatric in-home care provides care and monitoring to medically fragile babies. The infant is provided skilled nursing care for as long as the infant needs it. The nurse’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Charting
  • Equipment Maintenance, Management and Monitoring
  • Feeding Assistance
  • Injections and IV Infusion
  • Medical Treatments
  • Medication Management
  • Observation
  • Removal of Secretions by Performing Chest PT
  • Therapy Services
  • Wound Care and Dressing

The physician’s discretion is needed to determine the medical necessity for a child to have in-home pediatric nursing care upon leaving the NICU or hospital. An assessment from the home health care provider is also needed to assess the needs and requirements of the infant as to ensure that proper care and monitoring will be provided. Home health nurses can evaluate the child in the hospital or at home to help in making the decision for home nursing needs and hours. Infants or children who might need in-home pediatric care include:

  • Premature infants (24-34 weeks old)
  • Infants who were born with complications
  • Chronically ill children who have been hospitalized for months at a time
  • Respiratory-compromised children
  • Cardiac-compromised children
  • Neurologically-compromised children
  • Ventilator dependent babies or children
  • Children with injuries

UC Cares Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL offers supervised pediatric nursing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An RN case manager, who works in the office, oversees the nurses in your home and also builds a close relationship with the family. It is the RN case manager’s duty to ensure that the in-home care nurses are well-informed of the patient’s needs. A nurse will not only assist you and your child medically, a nurse can help your family on many levels. Do not hesitate to seek the best for you and your family. Contact UC Cares Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL to know more about our services and commitment to home health care.

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