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Pet-Friendly Care for Senior Adults

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A dog, or any pet for that matter can be a senior man or woman’s best friend. Sometimes pets can be the only companion a senior adult have. Pets provide a comfort system and may actually be good for their overall well-being. No matter what age, pets give people the feeling of purpose and being needed. UC Cares Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL welcomes the idea of senior adults having pets as their companion. Some benefits of senior adults having pets include:

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Lowers blood pressure
  3. Improves social interaction
  4. Stimulates mental activity
  5. Encourages physical activity
  6. Eliminates sadness, loneliness and depression
  7. Provides optimism
  8. Helps with focus, concentration and attention

It is important to know whether your senior loved ones are capable and ready to have a pet as a companion. Here are some things you or your elderly loved one should consider when purchasing a pet:

  • The right pet for the right owner. Keep in mind factors such as capacity to care for the pet, allergies, strength, disabilities and preference.
  • Has your elderly loved care for a pet before? Previous pet owners are of course much more experienced and knowledgeable in caring for pets so they might not have trouble caring for a new one.
  • The pet’s age. A young pet may outlive their owner and may get orphaned early, plus they might need extra care at a young age. An old animal which is too old may start having physical limitations and may also require extra care. Try gauging the age of the pet to suit the owner.
  • After age, you must also consider the health of the animal. It’s important that the animal be examined by a veterinarian or a professional to assess its health. If the pet is not health, it might compromise the immune system of its already weak owner. Also, a sick pet requires much care, effort and time.
  • Make sure the owner can spend on the pet. Caring for an animal can cause money and it’s important that the owner have the capacity to pay for the expenses such as food, veterinary care, supplies, etc.

When senior adults care for pets, they are motivated to maintain or improve their level of functioning. We at UC Cares Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL believe that this gives a positive impact on the caregiving experience. For current pet owners home health care allows them to remain in their homes longer, in the company of their beloved pets. People with pets value their relationship and find happiness in the physical affection a pet can provide. Although having a pet is very good for maintaining companionship, constant human interaction still is the best. UC Cares Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL provides the most compassionate, sincere, kind and encouraging type of companionship you could ask for. A deep human emotional bond is significant as physical health declines, and we are ready to take on that valuable role.

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