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Mommy Tips: How to Prevent Birth Defects (Part 1)

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Babies and their mother’s health are as equally important here in UC-Cares Home Health Services LLC that is why we make pediatric services a part of our Home Health Services in Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL.

In doing so, we promote a healthy relationship and well-being between mommy and baby. But in order to help every pregnant woman care for her child, we felt the need to share with you all some tips on how you can prevent birth defects. So without any further ado, here are ways to have a healthy baby:


  1. Getting a dose of 400 micrograms folic acid on a daily basis.
    A woman who has an adequate amount of folic acid (or the B vitamin) in her body for no less than a month prior to and throughout pregnancy can turn away from major birth defects in relation to the development of the brain and spine of her baby. Fortified foods as well as health supplements, in addition to eating varied diet, are good sources to get a hold of that needed vitamine.
  2. Consulting regularly with a healthcare professional.
    It is vital for a woman to make appointments with her doctor when she is pregnant and to set up prenatal care as soon as the baby bump kicks in. What is more is the fact that an expecting mother should always come to all of her prenatal care appointments for the benefit of her child. If you plan to have a baby, it is in no way too untimely to begin preparing for pregnancy.


  1. Never consume alcohol during pregnancy
    All kinds of intoxicating beverages are equally hazardous, including wine and beer. Drinking alcohol at some point in your pregnancy is the root for miscarriage, stillbirth and including a wide diversity of enduring behavioral, physical, and intellectual disabilities that is known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs).
  2. Do not smoke.
    The exposures of smoking during pregnancy include:

    • Premature birth
    • Certain birth deficiencies like cleft lip or cleft palate
    • At worst, infant death.

    Secondhand smoking is does not provide any exception because it can still put a woman and her pregnancy at risk for problems. For female smokers, it is compulsory to quit smoking before getting pregnant. On the other hand, if you are already carrying a life within you, quit as early as possible to keep away from baby health problems like low birth weight.

  3. Do not take marijuana or any other known drugs.
    There is no known safe level of the usage of marijuana or any other type of drug before or during pregnancy so we advise you to not use it at all. Just like smoking, it can still cause difficulties to the developing baby within you. Women who are taking in marijuana for medicinal purposes must seek advice from their doctor for an alternative therapy that contains pregnancy-specific safety data.
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